My Story

     I joined Scentsy in 2011 because I first fell in love with the product, and I saw the value immediately. I had always been a candle lover...well really a lover of anything that smelled good lol. However, when I discovered Scentsy, my baby girl was just over 2 years old and she was at that age where she just HAD to touch everything, so I think the part that caught my attention was the fact that our warmers only heat our wax to just over body temperature, so when she inevitably touched it or knocked over the warmer she wouldn't get hurt! That peace of mind was Priceless to me. Not to mention that our wax does not let off the harmful chemicals and soot that candles do (a fact I have never before considered). This was what I shared with everyone when I first started. 

     However, as time has gone on I have found so many reasons to love Scentsy. Not only do we offer so many amazing products, for just about anyone; but, I have been able to forge lifelong friendships with people all over the US and Canada that I never would have before. I have also been able to be a part of so many charitable causes with Scentsy, because our founders put us  in some incredible situations with items who's profits go to help so many causes, such as autism, breast cancer, & the Shriner's Hospital to name a few. The Scentsy family has made me proud to represent them. 

     If that is not enough, then I also think about the example I am setting for my daughter. I am teaching her skills of being outgoing, and working hard to achieve whatever she wants. I am teaching her entrepreneurship, relationship building skills & also how to find something she loves, and make it her own empire.

     In short, I guess it's pretty obvious that my Scentsy story revolves around my family. That is why I do what I do. I love my family, I love our products. I love this company, and I love the unlimited potential and opportunity that always lies ahead.

     If you have ever thought of taking the leap to better yourself or do something great for you and your family, please reach out. I would love to talk to you, and be a part of your new journey! <3